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DVD Duration: 67min

Presented by Tracey Cox, international bestselling author of 'Hot Sex' and 'Supersex', the new Lovers' Guide delivers the secrets that empower anyone to unlock their passion and get what they really need for a fulfilling intimate life. Orgasm when you want - The skills to seduce (almost) anyone - Keep any relationship going as long as you want - 'Wow' anyone sexually - Get problems solved - Unleash your sexual self - Communicate to get your message across.


DVD Duration: 56min

Does your love life need a makeover? Do you want maximum excitement between the sheets? Now it's time to make the change with this fantastic new guide to a better love life. The Lovers Guide - Sex Play has been specially devised by the World's best known sex experts to make you totally at ease with yourself, your partner and the most natural and important enjoyment there is...your love life!

What Women Really Want

DVD Duration: 51min

Presented by Dr Sarah Humphery. This is the definitive guide to female attitudes to relationships and sex – guiding women, and their men, on sexual techniques that enhance a woman’s pleasure. Sections include – what women want in life, from their bodies, from sex, from their lover, from their relationship. 2002

Secrets of Sensational Sex

DVD Duration: 66min

Secrets of Sensational Sex reveals a wealth of sexual techniques and sensual skills to drive you and your partner to new heights of passion and intimacy. The more you discover, the more you can excel in this most arousing of human activities. Expanding your sexual repertoire ensures an endlessly varied and adventourous love-life. Its main goal is to give you everything you need to know you are good in bed.

The Essential Lovers' Guide

DVD Duration: 61min

All the major principles of the Lovers' Guide series are brought together to form the Essential Lovers' Guide, a compilation of the first three Lovers' Guide features. It includes sections on keeping relationships alive and sexy, making foreplay last for hours, increasing the intensity of both male and female orgasms, being more adventurous and dealing with a new relationship. A compelling compilation to help you achieve the love life you want.

The Original Guide to Love and Sex

DVD Duration: 63min

The first ever Lovers' Guide illustrates how love and sex can be an enduring source of joy in any relationship. Couples speak openly of their relationships, sharing their most intimate thoughs and feelings. It aims to show how couples can get the best from love and sex, enhancing their loving and sexual relationships.

Making Sex Even Better

DVD Duration: 61min

The world's best selling sex guide. The Lovers' Guide series were the first adult guides on video revealing interesting informative and entertaining aspects of love and sex in intimate relationships. The second film in the series explores an indepth range of sexual techniques and sensual methods to enrich your intimate lives. Creatively and effectively you will discover how to give and recieve lasting pleasure.

Sexual Positions

DVD Duration: 58 mins

Many people make love in only one to three positions. The bestselling Lovers? Guide to Sexual Positions offers over 60 delightful ways for you and your partner to keep things fresh.? Expand your repertoire, revitalise your sex life and have lots of fun trying them out! Sections include: Oral, Man on Top, Woman on Top, Side by Side, From Behind, Sitting and Standing and Advanced Positions. Enjoy

Better Orgasms for Men

DVD Duration: Unknown

Men often think that orgasms are the simple climax of sex. Better Orgasms for Men shows how orgasms can be improved with techniques for greater control that will make you a better lover. It explores how to increase the intensity of your orgasms, get your partner involved, develop your fantasies, use sex toys together, and enhance the quality of your love-life.

Better Orgasms for Women

DVD Duration: Unknown

looks at how to reach orgasm and how to improve them. Whether you are happy with your orgasms, or one of the many women who experience orgasm difficulty, this film will help you achieve a climax whenever you want to. It will allow you to understand your own erogenous zones, encourage your partner’s help with better foreplay and sexual techniques, develop your fantasy life, explore sex toys and generally enhance the quality of your love life.