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Better Orgasms for Women

DVD Duration: Unknown

looks at how to reach orgasm and how to improve them. Whether you are happy with your orgasms, or one of the many women who experience orgasm difficulty, this film will help you achieve a climax whenever you want to. It will allow you to understand your own erogenous zones, encourage your partner’s help with better foreplay and sexual techniques, develop your fantasy life, explore sex toys and generally enhance the quality of your love life.

Sexual Positions

DVD Duration: 58 mins

Many people make love in only one to three positions. The bestselling Lovers? Guide to Sexual Positions offers over 60 delightful ways for you and your partner to keep things fresh.? Expand your repertoire, revitalise your sex life and have lots of fun trying them out! Sections include: Oral, Man on Top, Woman on Top, Side by Side, From Behind, Sitting and Standing and Advanced Positions. Enjoy

What Women Really Want

DVD Duration: 51min

Presented by Dr Sarah Humphery. This is the definitive guide to female attitudes to relationships and sex – guiding women, and their men, on sexual techniques that enhance a woman’s pleasure. Sections include – what women want in life, from their bodies, from sex, from their lover, from their relationship. 2002

Satisfaction Guaranteed

DVD Duration: 67min

Presented by Tracey Cox, international bestselling author of 'Hot Sex' and 'Supersex', the new Lovers' Guide delivers the secrets that empower anyone to unlock their passion and get what they really need for a fulfilling intimate life. Orgasm when you want - The skills to seduce (almost) anyone - Keep any relationship going as long as you want - 'Wow' anyone sexually - Get problems solved - Unleash your sexual self - Communicate to get your message across.

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Sex Play

Boost your Sex Play skills! From the best masturbation skills for him and her to oral sex perfection, experiment with these sexy treats and techniques to add new experiences and sensations to even the best lovemaking.

Advanced Positions for Sexual Athletes

So you’ve mastered all those easy positions and are looking for something really spicey to crank up your sex life. Here they are – and they’ll take you from bodily origami through to grabbing gold medals as sexual athletes of Olympic proportions. Not for the faint-hearted or the un-supple!

Exploring Anal Sex Positions

Not everyone’s cup of tea, maybe, but research suggests that 10% of men and women practice it. Here you can explore beginner positions – ‘spooning’ and ‘missionary’ – and on to the ‘doggy’ and woman-on-top ones which give her the control. Learn how to take it slow and the critical role of lubes.

Sexy Sitting and Standing

Get out of bed and try this range of positions on a favourite armchair or standing up. They range from slow, sensual grinding away on a chair, through head rushes where she does a mini-‘wheelbarrow’ to the fast, furious and fun sex to had with the standing ‘quickie’.

Brilliant from Behind

The ‘doggy’ position remains a great favourite for both men and women. Men like the sense of power and women can like the feeling of being ‘taken’. There is deep penetration and these are the positions which give the best angles for ‘G-Spot’ and ‘A-Spot’ stimulation – and also gives him great access to stimulate her breasts and clitoris manually.

Sensual side by Side

For closest body to body contact – back to front, or front to front – there’s little to beat the sensuality of these positions. They allow for kissing and stroking each other all over in these relaxing positions. And, if you want more direct clitoral friction, there are variations like the ‘scissors’ which get you super close and get him in deep.

Wondrous Woman On Top

These positions give the woman most control – not just in setting the rhythm, speed and depth of penetration but in helping her to reach her orgasm. Feel the huge sensuality of taking charge and discover how this can be really sexy for men to submit to their lover riding them.

Mega Man on Top

Go beyond the idea of man-on-top just meaning the boring old missionary position. Discover how to give her the best clitoral and ‘G-Spot’ stimulation; how she can take control even with the man on top; get a great head rush; and even make missionary moves for her to maximise his pleasure.

Be an Oral Sexpert

Explore a range of new positions and techniques to make you a sexpert in this most intimate of sex acts. Here you will find everything from orally pleasuring each other to the famous ‘69’ and infamous ‘deep throat’.

Learn Great Sex Techiques and have Better Orgasms

Discover how to have orgasms (almost) every time as a woman; hit the ‘G Spot’ and ‘A Spot’; use techniques that can speed up or slow down the man’s orgasm and find a whole series of moves to drive both of you wild.